You Are The Salt And The Light

You are the salt and the light.

How are you flavoring the world today? Where is your light shining?

Let that sink in. Especially if you are a Christian. How are you impacting the relationships in your life? Is it by…

Having to be right?

Having to have and shove your opinion on others?

When your behaviors don’t actually match your beliefs?

Those are some tough thoughts. Something I know I am guilty of. How many times do I wish I could have asked myself Is it worth it before saying anything at all. To take a breath and think Is what I am about to say going to help or hurt someone. To remember the things I am doing right now will impact how people perceive my faith in the future.

In today’s social and political climate we have such a need to be right instead of righteous. We can’t possibly understand how someone could think or believe that and it now becomes our mission in life to prove them wrong, unfortunately, this usually takes place on Facebook where billions of people are able to watch. I have lost a lot of time over the past year getting lost in people’s status where there are hundreds of comments and everyone truly believes what they are saying is right and ignores everything else. I mean how many of your opinions have been changed because of a Facebook status? … Bueller?

… Bueller?

This is why as Christians we have to stop talking. We have to stop preaching. Stop throwing around information from the one source we read (the one that proves what we think is right) and saying this is the answer. We have to take a timeout and start focusing on our actions. We have to stop talking over people with different opinions and we have to start listening. We have to stop isolating people who are different than us and start including them.

You are the salt and the light.

How are you flavoring the world today?

Where is your light shining?

By having a conversation with someone (in person) who has a different opinion with the end objective of listening and not proving them wrong.

By taking the time to understand someone’s story before you start judging their opinion.

By being the co-worker who is always happy to be at work? The neighbor who welcomes everyone over? The person people gravitate towards because you make everything better?

By making sure your talk and walk match.

By being likable and credible.

These are some of the big takeaways I got from watching Buckhead Church’s message last week, Likeable And Credible from the series Out There by Rodney Anderson.  I have now listened to that message THREE TIMES and each time I have taken something different away. Every time I listen I find myself nodding my head in agreement to something I did not hear before. It is such a powerful message and something Christians need to hear right now.

It’s a time when many of us are afraid to join the political and social conversations on really important issues, but it’s also a time when it’s more important than ever that Christians do join these conversations. I encourage you to watch this message as many times as you can and follow his advice. There is so much I did not cover and so much more I could talk about but I want you to watch and listen and let me know what you think!

You can find the video here ->

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