In One Week

In one week James closes on the most perfect house he has purchased for our family. I am dying of happiness, excitement and so much pride.


He has been talking about this for so long. James is D R E A M E R he talks about a lot of things for a long time but I know accomplishing this is so huge. He did it all on his own (besides the help from our amazing realtor, make sure yours is good). He found the house we have been searching for on Zillow for nearly two years, in the neighborhood, we have dreamed of but didn’t think we could afford and so close to other friends. It is a dream he so deserved to come true.

We were recently looking at a vision board we made about six months ago that kinda got tucked away, something one of our friends said reminded James of it and he pulled it out. And to our surprise, we have pretty much made every dream on there happen. That wasn’t really the plan but that was the goal. There are still some things we need to figure out like how to travel more and always getting better at eating and exercising but besides that, we have made every other vision come true. This wasn’t even something we looked at every day or talked about but something we made together and I think by doing that we visualized what we wanted and for us– maybe subconsciously made it happen. Or maybe He made it happen.

If you are feeling unfocused, confused, not sure what you are working towards I suggest making one. We had an old cork board we weren’t using and it was James’s idea to use that instead of poster board and glue so we could change our dreams. See I told you he was a D R E A M E R, as we are making that board he probably had a whole other one started in his head. Anyways we pinned pictures and quotes from magazines onto the board that we both liked and we saw what our future could look like, now we are living it.

Vision board.JPG

Chacho looks thrilled to be in the picture with the vision board. But that is as simple as it was and it is amazing what it helped us accomplish!

I also wanted to share pictures of how I hope to decorate and re-do our soon to be new little home.

Let me know what you think! Pinterest has officially replaced my Zillow obsession…


Here is to hoping that this vision board become a reality soon 😉

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