Why It’s Okay To Cheat

Now, I am not talking about the relationship type of cheat. I am talking about the


type of cheat.

We’ve all been there, sworn up and down we were going to stick to a certain food plan only to find ourselves consumed with thoughts about a certain food (most likely one we do not normally eat and probably have not eaten in years but one we are not allowed to eat right now) three days in that we CAN NOT EAT IT and have no way to satisfy that craving. Yes, we have all been there.

Now, I may not be the most qualified to talk about this because I have no self-control. In fact, with my Brady Inspired Plant Based Diet that has been going on for a little over a  week, I have already cheated. But let me tell you why that is OKAY…

There is a difference between craving something and just eating because it is there.

Let me say that again, cravings are different than being lazy. Real cravings are different than doing it because everyone else is. Cravings are different than giving up.

For instance, in the building I work at, there is this community table where they often put left over meeting food out for everyone to enjoy. Food I had no intention of eating or was even thinking about but food I must now see, smell and walk past multiple times. Maybe they are donuts and bagels, homemade cookies or leftover Mexican from lunch- nonetheless, at least once every few days something shows up.  If I were to indulge in any of that while I am trying so hard to be so good, that would be legitimate cheating because I am eating just to eat. I was not craving it, thinking about it, dreaming about, about to get in my car and buy a box desperate about it. Someone just happened to put food out, not knowing it might tempt me on my quest to eat better, therefore I never ever indulge in it. It’s basically the one rule about food I have and that I stick to– If I have not been thinking about that food then there is no reason for me to touch it. It is never ever ever worth it. The guilt is not worth it because you didn’t even really want it, the calories aren’t worth it because that food never tastes as good as it looks and this one-time cheat ( I mean we always say that) could be the thing that really breaks us. Because think about it, you didn’t even want it and you caved, imagine what you will do when you really want something.

Now I am going to tell you what I do believe in. Indulging when you really are craving something- in my book, that is allowed. This happened to me yesterday, all I could think about were those stupid Valentines Day Little Debbie Cakes. You know the heart shaped ones filled with so much sugar and love and pink and vanilla perfection.


I am not even sure why, because I have not eaten something like that in years. It probably had to do with the fact that I was not eating any of the candy I saw all day (because remember my rule- I didn’t really want it, it was just there, so I do not touch it) and subconsciously I found something I really did want. It got so bad that around 3:30 pm I loaded my dog up in the car and we drove to Target to find some. Of course, it being Valentines Day they did not have any, so instead, I had to get to the real deal (yes, I had to). You don’t know how long I spent in the Little Debbie aisle staring at everything, their selection was terrible and technically they did not have the Little Debbie Cake I wanted (and yes I checked the Valentines Day area too). I had made my effort to find them too late and now I had to settle with the not real thing but just as satisfying, a Zebra Cake. And I did it. I bought the box, and I ate two packs then threw the box away and I really was not proud of myself but at least I could concentrate on the rest of the day and at least I did not eat the whole box.

Part of me thinks I cheated because I knew the rest of the day was going to be a “cheat day”. My boyfriend and I had nice dinner plans at a very nice steakhouse and we weren’t going to be too annoying about being perfectly plant based there (he had planned this before my plant based announcement). But the good news is today I am back in business.  I got that off my mind and instead of trying to satisfy myself in other ways that I knew would not live up to the Valentines Day Little Debbie Cake I just went and I did it and I got it over with as quickly as possible. I know if I hadn’t it would have consumed my thoughts for days on end probably would have ended way worse than this.

That is the great thing about the space PizzaHappens. We come here and show who we are, what we want to improve and most importantly when we make a mistake and we move on. We own it. It’s about trying your best to be your best but sometimes pizza happens… in my case, it was a Valentines Day Little Debbie Cake. Sometimes it’s just okay to cheat.

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