Tom Brady Inspired

Do you know how hard those words are to write right now? See it’s three days since Super Bowl 51. That Super Bowl that made history for all the wrong reasons. When the Falcons had the lead for THREE-QUARTERS only for the Patriots to come back, score 19 points, tie up the game, win that stupid coin toss, score a touchdown and WIN THE SUPER BOWL.


Do you know what I was supposed to be doing yesterday? I was supposed to be at a parade celebrating but instead, I was at home eating my feelings. Being a bandwagon fan is hard! Hey- I grew up in Tampa so my heart will always be with the Bucs but being a Bucs fan is just as hard as being a bandwagon Falcons fan.


Anyways, now there is all this talk about Tom Brady being the GOAT. At 39 years old he is still playing football and better than anyone else. It got me thinking a lot about how he eats and takes care of himself- this just proves it matters. It really is inspiring even though the words Tom Brady are now considered bad words in our house, yes ever worse than Voldemort. This dude obviously knows what he is doing so I decided to look a little more into it.

Plant-Based Diet

I believe Tom’s diet is technically considered more hardcore than a plant-based diet because he does not eat some veggies- nightshades and not too many fruits (I believe) and he does eat a little bit of protein from animals. I mean he considers a banana dessert HA but for a non-pro athlete not bringing in a billion dollars a year (hence no personal chef) I figured this might be something I can do.

I found this awesome graphic on that explains with food what a plant-based diet is.


The good part is, when I am being good this is pretty much how I eat but my diet probably has about 20% animal protein in it right now which I think I will stick with. James and I have really cut out dairy. I am pretty sure I am lactose-in-tolerant so I stopped eating Greek yogurt, switched to almond and coconut milk and now consider a cheese plate a splurge. It’s amazing how good you feel when you stop eating dairy and realize you don’t have to have a stomach ache after every meal. Sugar is a tad of a problem as I like to drink Diet Coke on the weekends but overall I would rather have salty than sweet when it comes to indulging.

Recently I lost the last 7lbs I have been struggling with for a year. I credit that with getting a dog and having to go on long walks on top of my nightly exercise. But now that I lost it I have a huge fear it will come back so I need to be eating better (my body issues will be saved for another blog post). I also have no self-control. I will tell myself I am not going to do something and the next thing I know that is all I want to do, I can’t focus on anything else. So this is a good test. See I don’t plan on eating this good forever, I just plan on being super strict the next 12 weeks as I train for my half marathon. I know for a fact that when I eat better I run better. And with my mileage about to get higher and workouts more intense as I am training for the 1/2,  I am going to be eating more than I eat now so I need to make sure I reaching for the good things and not the bad.

Why This Time Is Different

The part that I struggle with when it comes to eating is not over eating. I hate getting a stomach ache from being “too full” and have taught myself that finishing my plate does not make me a better person. Instead, I know how to put my fork down when I am full and ask for a to-go box. The part I struggle with is indulging and then never stopping. I say I am going to be “good” and “strict” all week and only “bad” on the weekends, but next thing I know my weekend eating has continued into Wednesday and now I feel really bad about myself. It is an endless cycle. I am sure you have been there?

So this time has to be different:

  • I just lost 7lbs- 7lbs I have been working SO HARD to loose, I can’t let is creep back.
  • I am training for a 1/2 marathon- If I am going to be exercising this much I need to be eating a lot better to see real results in my half marathon time.
  • I want to feel good and look good-I get moody when I am not taking care of myself (poor James).
  • I am setting a goal so I want to accomplish it- I am goal driven.
  • I want to live a long time- I don’t want to peak at 26. I want to look and feel this good at 76.
  • Summer is coming- I can’t hide under sweaters forever, I live in Atalanta it will be like 90  degrees next week.

What Will Be Hard

This isn’t going to be easy. Remember I have no self-control and we have a lot going on the next 12 weeks that will provide sooooo many temptations. It doesn’t help that my boyfriend, James means so well but we are not good accountability partners. When I want to “cheat” with food I ask him if I should and next thing I know he is offering to drive me to whatever I want. He is so good but oh so bad.

Here are the things I know I will struggle with:

  • Diet coke- Man I have done a good job cutting it out but sometimes it brings me LIFE. While the reality is it’s probably killing me slowly.
  • McDonald’s- This is so embarrassing but my guilty pleasure is a single cheeseburger with small fries and a medium Sprite. It’s my comfort and it’s so damn predictable and good every single time. I know,  have more class geez, like Chick Fil A or something.
  • Hangry- I am the poster child for Hangry. And when I am hangry I do not want healthy food. I want McDonald’s and a Diet Coke. So I need to be mentally and physically prepared for this.
  • Temptation- Just because Sally is eating that doesn’t mean I have to. I need to stay in my lane and not compare myself.
  • Dinner- I am soooooo good throughout the day and then I collapse at dinner. I fall apart and want to reward myself. My protein smoothie just doesn’t look as good as pretty much everything else at 7 pm.

Remember What You Are Good At 

On those bad days I hope I come and look here:

  • You already do an amazing job of meal prepping and packing healthy breakfast and lunches!
  • You do love eating all those plant-based foods and already eat a lot of them!
  • Hello, you can eat grains! When you want to cheat find a healthy pasta recipe with lost of veggies and skip the cheese!
  • You work so hard at working out. You crush it. Don’t let food take that away!
  • You have an amazing partner in James who has agreed to do this with you. Don’t let him down!
  • It’s only 12 weeks! After the race, you have an amazing day of eating planned and the rest of the year or lifetime if you want!
  • You are worth it!

I struggle a lot with always making the right decisions when it comes to food. I struggle with comparing myself to others. With only focusing on the tummy that rolls over my jeans. With beating myself up about my weight and pants fitting too snug. It takes work to look the way I do and I don’t want people to think it doesn’t. And sometimes I feel like I don’t work hard enough. I am hoping that these 12 weeks bring me balance and some inner peace. So pass the fork- it’s time to go all in on plant-based foods.


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